SkillBott is a comprehensive, standards based curriculum, delivered online, that teaches students the critical soft skills or 21st Century Skills they will need to obtain employment and build a successful career. Your students will learn how to:

  • Communicate with peers and supervisors
  • Act and behave in a workplace setting
  • Search for a job and prepare for the interview
  • Improve workplace performance
  • Identify and develop professional skills for future success

The goal of SkillBott is to give students the ability to create, communicate, collaborate, analyze and problem-solve in any workplace environment.

Providing Students With Soft Skills For A Successful Transition To The Workplace

SkillBott For Students

SkillBott is a blended learning model that allows the student to control the time, place, path and pace of learning. The lessons utilize multiple modalities to engage students to express their feelings, experiences, knowledge and ideas. Students will participate in role playing, group exercises, discussion forums and research projects. It is through this process of situational observation, direct participation, individual reflection, and group feedback that your students will learn what employers will expect of them when they enter the workforce.

SkillBott for Teachers

Not every student learns at the same rate or in the same way. SkillBott is designed to give you maximum teaching flexibility so you can reach all your students. You can choose the traditional classroom led instruction model; offer it as individualized or self-directed instruction; or deliver it virtually with a career coach or teacher as an online class. Each of the 6 courses includes teacher lesson plans, grade books and concludes with a final project or exam. The volume and variety of material available allows the teacher to select the activities that best fit their time allotment, student needs or special interests.  

SkillBott for Louisiana

The Supplemental Course Academy (SCA) is a state funded initiative that offers students the ability to enroll in high school credit courses that may not be offered by the school that they attend. These courses and the course providers have all gone through an intensive review and approval process. SkillBott is an approved provider and offers three virtual high school courses that focus on career preparation.

Careers I: Empower Your Future (fall or spring block semester credit)

Careers II: Achieve Workplace Success (fall or spring block semester credit)

Careers I & II: How to Get a Job and Keep It (full year credit) . Learn More