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The Future of Work

This is a great article that covers the skills required for success in tomorrow's workforce: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/09/how-can-todays-coll...

Wonderlic & SkillBott's Soft Skills Partnership

Recently, SkillBott and Wonderlic entered a partnership to help combat the soft skills issues that Wonderlic uncovered in this October 2016 article:


Corporate Soft Skills

Great Inc. article regarding the importance of soft skills in the workplace.


SkillBott's "Onboarding Essentials" program trains new hires on all of the most critical workplace soft skills.

Denver Students Need SkillBott!

Employers in Denver are venting about the troubles they are having with finding candidates with sufficient soft skills. They both obviously need SkillBott!


Society of Human Resource Management & Soft Skills Development

This article outlines the important soft skills corporate hiring managers require from their experienced hires.....


Soft Skills Overview

This is a great article that highlights many research projects, national reports and USDOL recommendations toward solving the soft skills gap issue: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/more-soft-skill-deficiencies-college-grad...

HS Seniors are not College or Career Ready

This article from NPR and "The Nation's Report Card" outlines some short comings in preparing HS students for college and career. SkillBott is here to help!!


Skills and Employee Retention

Here is a great article that outlines ways in which successful soft skill development helps employees stay employed!


SkillBott Accredited by the Arkansas Department of Education!

Congrats to SkillBott for its Arkansas Department of Education accreditation as a digital learning provider!
Students throughout the state will now benefit from SkillBott's award-winning workforce development programs.


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