Tobin A. Mitchell

Tobin A. Mitchell has nearly 24 years of public education experience, with a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration as well as a Master’s Degree in Special Education/Elementary Education. While serving as a Director of Information Services in a ten building Illinois School District, Tobin designed and implemented networks for four new schools and a state of the art fiber backbone infrastructure.

Her competitive grant writing experience includes twelve years of successful 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants that enabled a small Illinois school district to enrich their after school programs with funds totaling over 10 million dollars.

Her academic experience includes roles as special education teacher, Pre-Kindergarten-at-Risk Supervisor, Director of Special Education, Business Manager, Principal, Elementary Career Supervisor and Director of Informational Services.

Her entrepreneurial pursuits include Chief Operations Officer of SkillBott Inc. (2012-2014) a provider of comprehensive online career and college readiness curriculum. She co-founded SkillBott Inc. to help bridge the gap that special needs students often battle when pursuing college entry and obtaining and retaining meaningful careers.

She is President and co-founder of Focus X Ltd., a real estate and investment company, as well as President of OTAH, Inc. a Chicago service industry established in 1958.

Tobin continues to serve as President of three condominium regulatory Board of Directors forums in the Chicago land area.

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